Zutphen impressions

Would you like a foretaste of Zutphen? Watch this promotional video: Zutphen Impressions

Or: on Tuesday, February 4, 2020, Zutphen was the first city to appear in the broadcast of a new Van Rossems series. Time 20:25 NPO 2. Nice episode! You can probably find it on “Missed broadcast”.

You can walk with us in all seasons and weather types. Call us. Explore the options on the site.

City walks: fun for tourists and the inhabitants (and people from the area) of Zutphen. A unique way to get to know your city. Duration: 90 minutes. Costs: € 5 per person. Our guides are available every day (if there is enough interest). Call us or use the “Book” button.

Parking in Zutphen