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A nice day out in Zutphen? An excellent choice!!! Zutphen is one of the oldest (Hanseatic) towns in the Netherlands. It has a compact centre; everywhere is within walking distance and it still breathes a medieval atmosphere with its old city walls and gates. Join us on a tour of discovery, learn more about this old quarter capital of the former Duchy of Guelders!

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Your day out in Zutphen?

A day out in Zutphen? An excellent choice! Zutphen is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, with a beautiful compact medieval centre; everywhere is within walking distance. There was already a settlement here as early as the 9th century located at the confluence of the river Yssel and the river Berkel. The city of Zutphen flourished in the 13th and 14th centuries during the heyday of the Hanseatic League. Merchants (Hanseatic League) amassed great wealth thanks to the Baltic trade. Despite all the turbulent times and wars the old town retains its historic character; it is remarkably well preserved and restored. Combine your hiking or cycling trip with a visit to the Museum, the Walburgiskerk and Librije (a medieval collegiate church with a late medieval chained library) or a boat trip on the Berkel. "Going out on the Town" is an option allowing you to take a break with a cup of coffee / tea, lunch or dinner. Tell us your ideas and we'll deliver and make sure this is a day you'll never forget.

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