Walburgiskerk/church of St Walburgis

City walk combined with a guided tour of the St.Walburgiskerk/church and the unique chained library (Librije)

The Walburgiskerk is the big collegiate church situated at the ‘s Gravenhof square in Zutphen. It ranks among the top 100 Dutch UNESCO monuments. The church houses several treasures such as a medieval  chandelier  , fresco-secco vault, pillar and wall paintings and huge baptismal font.

The Walburgiskerk houses the “Librije”, a 16th century public reading room. This is one of the most important cultural monuments in the Netherlands and beyond, as it is one of the only two surviving original public medieval chained libraries in Europe. A similar library can be found in Italy (Cesena).

The Librije is the oldest library in the Netherlands. The building period was from 1561 until 1564; lay-out and appearance were based on the examples of the reading rooms of the medieval monasteries in Zutphen.

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Duration of the package tour: approximately 2 hours.


City Walk:  € 4, – pp

Church & Librije tour:

for groups of 1-15 people: € 75 per group

Groups of 16-30 people: € 150 per group

Groups of 31-45 people: € 225 per group

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