Museum Package

Museum, Combi-Package

Musea Zutphen are actually two different museums located in one building. The Stedelijk Museum Zutphen is a cultural-historical museum that collects the history of Zutphen and the present-day ‘Achterhoek’ and presents it in an original way. Descend to the vaulted medieval cellar and step into the turbulent history of the place that developed into the town of Zutphen.

The other museum, Museum Henriette Polak, bears the name of its patron, Henriette Polak-Schwarz (1893-1974, born in Zutphen). This is a museum for Dutch figurative art. In addition to the permanent collection, the museum also has other varied exhibitions. For more information, visit

The combination of a guided tour and a visit to one of the museums takes about 2 hours.

Costs € 12.50* p.p.
(*extending package to also include viewing the Henriette Polak Museum, or vice-versa, will incur an extra surcharge of € 6.00)

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*) Reservation Fee € 5.00 per group