Walks in combination with …

City walk combined with boat trip

The river Berkel: Once a torrent, now a quiet, babbling brook. Once it was a major thoroughfare to the County of Zutphen and Germany during Zutphen’s heyday as a Hanseatic Town. More important even than the Yssel. It was even used as a transport route for tree trunks travelling all the way from Germany to finally arrive at the Zutphen sawmills. Small cargo boats sailed into town through the beautiful medieval Berkelpoort watergate. Why not go for a trip on this river in the socalled whisper (electric) boats. Skilfully handled by whisperboat skippers you glide through the water. They will tell you about Zutphen’s history while you admire the former ramparts and bastions and other features of the old fortified city. This combination (walk and boat trip) takes about 3 hours (boat trip and walk each approx. 90 minutes. This package is available from 1 April – October 31st.

Costs € 10,00 pp * .

Combined Museum and city walk

The Zutphen museum is actually two different museums in one building. The Stedelijk Museum Zutphen shows the history of Zutphen and the present-day region (the “Achterhoek”) in an original way. Descend into the vaulted medieval cellar and take a trip through the history of the location that later developed into the city of Zutphen. You are guided along objects which are among the oldest in the Netherlands and far beyond. Such as the oldest comic strip in the Netherlands and the quadrant, the oldest watch/navigational instrument in Europe. This medieval navigation tool was found in 2013 during an archaeological dig at the Houtmarkt. Each object is a story. During your trip from the Old Stone Age up to the present day you see the development of the city,

The Henriette Polak Museum is named after its patron Henriette Polak-Schwarz (1893-1974, born in Zutphen). She befriended Joop Sjollema artist (1900-1990) in 1964, when he painted her portrait. He succeeded in convincing Henriette Polak of the need to establish a museum of Dutch figurative art that was rooted in the academic tradition, but which continued to develop. In addition to the permanent collection, the museum also has changing exhibitions. for more information visit www.museazutphen.nl

This combination takes about 3 hours.

Fees: € 10.50 per person *

(an extra € 7.50 to visit the Henriette Polak Museum)

City walk combined with Walburgiskerk/church and Librije/chained library

The Walburgiskerk is the big collegiate church situated at the ‘s Gravenhof square in Zutphen. It ranks among the top 100 Dutch UNESCO monuments. The church houses several treasures such as a medieval  chandelier  , fresco-secco vault, pillar and wall paintings and huge baptismal font.

The Walburgiskerk houses the “Librije”, a 16th century public reading room. This is one of the most important cultural monuments in the Netherlands and beyond, as it is one of the only two surviving original public medieval chained libraries in Europe. A similar library can be found in Italy (Cesena).

The Librije is the oldest library in the Netherlands. The building period was from 1561 until 1564; lay-out and appearance were based on the examples of the reading rooms of the medieval monasteries in Zutphen.

Book now: the Walburgis package

Duration of the package tour: approximately 2 hours.


City Walk:  € 4, – pp

Admission fee for the church (per person)

  • Church  :
    > Adults: € 2.50
    > Friends and children under 12 free
  • Church and / or Librije (chained  library) :
    > Adults € 6.00;
    > Friends and children under 12 € 3.50
  • Church and steeple :
    > Adults € 5.00
    > Friends and children under 12 years € 2.50 (guided tower and church tour with free audio tour)
  • Church, and church Librije :
    > Adults 8,00 €
    > Friends € 5.50
    > Children under 12 years € 4.00.

A museum pass is not valid

Church & Librije tour:

for groups up to 15 people: Group rate on request

Groups of 16-30 people: Group rate on request

Groups of 31-45 people: Group rate on request

More possibilities

In addition to these arrangements we can offer even more. Want to climb a tower or have a break with a snack or a drink, join a beer tasting session, a workshop? We have many options for a memorable day  in Zutphen!

*) One time booking fee € 5 per group